How to transition your subscription to

  1. Go to Sign in with your existing Adobe ID, or create an ID if you don’t have one yet.
  2. Choose and buy a plan: Texturing or Collection
  3. Got remaining assets credits on your Substance account? Transfer them by logging into your Adobe account on the Substance 3D assets platform. And follow the steps here.
  4. If you previously had an annual legacy subscription, you can claim your prorated refund following those steps:

Your high-end 3D asset library

Substance Source becomes Adobe Substance 3D assets

Access thousands of customizable models, lights, and materials created by specialists and word-class guest artists. Modifiable parameters allow infinite variations.


Students and teachers: get the Substance 3D texturing apps free of charge.

Get an entitlement to Substance 3D Painter, Sampler, and Designer free of charge.
( account required)

Frequently Asked Questions

Substance Account

Is my current Allegorithmic/ account disappearing?

No. Your current account remains untouched on

Will I need to transition my account?

Yes, you will need to create a new account on for any new Adobe Substance 3D trial or plan. Go to the Adobe account page, and then click create an account.

Substance Subscription & Licenses

What is the pricing for the Adobe Substance 3D Texturing Plan?

The Substance 3D Texturing plan remains the same as the Substance Indie subscription. To purchase a subscription for the Substance 3D Texturing plan, visit the plans page.

Are Adobe Substance 3D apps included in the Creative Cloud All Apps plans?

No. Substance 3D apps are sold exclusively in the Adobe Substance 3D plans. The four Adobe Substance 3D apps are included at no additional cost in the Creative Cloud All Apps plans for Higher Education colleges and universities.

Will I be able to renew my existing annual or month to month Substance subscription?

All subscriptions are available on

  • Auto-renewal for annual Substance 3D subscriptions will end on July 31, 2021.
  • Auto-renewal for monthly Substance 3D subscriptions purchased on will end on November 30, 2021.

If you would like to ensure continued service of your Substance 3D tools, you will need to purchase an Adobe Substance 3D plan on

What is the difference between the new Adobe Substance 3D plans?

The Adobe Substance 3D Texturing plan includes Painter, Designer, and Sampler apps, and up to 30 3D assets (materials only) per month. The Adobe Substance 3D Collection plan includes Painter, Designer, Sampler, and Stager apps, and up to 50 3D assets (materials, models, and lights) per month. The Adobe Substance 3D Collection for Teams plan includes the four apps, 100 3D assets, 1TB of storage, and easy license management. 

Can I still purchase a perpetual Substance Painter or Designer license for Individual from Steam?

Yes, Steam licenses are still available. Steam licenses are perpetual and include updates for one calendar year, are tied to a Steam account, and require the Steam client application to run.

Can I try the Adobe Substance 3D apps before I buy?

Yes. You can get a 30-day free trial to any Substance 3D app.

Are there options for Enterprise customers?

Yes, the Adobe Substance 3D Collection for Enterprise.

Do I still have access to Substance Automation Toolkit if I have an Indie subscription?

Substance Automation Toolkit remains accessible for Indie accounts on We are working on creating a dedicated toolkit for plugin developers: go here to tell us what you would expect from it and take part with us in this new Substance 3D developer community.

Switching to

I paid an entire year of a Substance subscription on, but I want to migrate to the new Adobe Substance 3D plans before the end of my contract. Can I request a refund?

Yes, this is possible for any Substance Indie annual subscription in the case of any Adobe Substance 3D plan, as well as for Substance Pro annual subscriptions in the case of the purchase of an Adobe Substance 3D Collection for Teams plan. Follow these steps to cancel your subscription and request a refund: 

  1. Proceed with the purchase of an Adobe Substance 3D plan on
  2. Download your invoice
  3. Log into your Substance account on and select “Cancel subscription” in the “Subscription” section
  4. Download your latest invoice on the “Billing” section of your Substance account
  5. Send an email to with your Adobe/ and Allegorithmic/ invoices attached 
  6. The pro-rated amount will be refunded to your original method of payment within 10 business days.
If I transition my current Substance license to the Adobe Substance 3D Collection, will I still have access to older builds?

The Adobe Substance 3D Collection builds are available through the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop application and begin with version 2020.1.


Where do I find new Substance Source materials?

The materials previously found on Substance Source can now be accessed through the Adobe Substance 3D Assets platform, along with new asset types such as 3D models and environment lights for Adobe Substance 3D Collection subscribers.

What is the difference between Adobe Substance 3D Assets & Substance Source?

Substance Source is now Adobe Substance 3D Assets. Besides an updated user experience and new interactive 3D previews, you will find 3D models and environment lights.

Will I lose my Source licensed assets and remaining Source download points when I transition my account?

You will continue to have access to your points until June 2022. If you have transitioned your subscription to the Substance 3D Collection/Texturing, the process to transfer your Substance 3D Assets content is detailed here.

Is there a cost to use 3D assets with the Adobe Substance 3D apps?

Your Adobe Substance 3D plan includes 3D assets, available to download every month. All assets are royalty free and usable across all your commercial and creative projects. Substance 3D Assets are not included in the Higher Education Creative Cloud All Apps EDU plan.

Are there any changes to Substance Share?

Substance Share is now Adobe Substance 3D Community Assets. Assets uploaded on Adobe Substance 3D Community Assets remain free and follow the same licensing as the recent version of Substance Share (free to use for personal and commercial projects alike). 


How can I access the Adobe Substance 3D products if I am a student?

The Substance 3D texturing apps are still available for free for Students and Teachers on The four Adobe Substance 3D apps are also included at no additional cost in the Creative Cloud All Apps plans for Higher Education colleges and universities. Substance 3D Assets are not included in the Higher Education plan. K-12 institutions do not have access to this offer at this time.

Tools & Features

I just subscribed to an Adobe Substance 3D plan. How do I install the apps?

After you subscribe, the Adobe Substance 3D apps will be available on or in the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop application to download and install.

What happens to the Substance launcher?

Adobe Substance 3D ( account editions) builds for Painter, Designer and Sampler, released after June 21, 2021, are not supported by Substance launcher. Substance legacy apps, released before June 23, 2021, are supported by Substance Launcher. 

The Adobe Substance 3D Collection builds tied to your account are available through the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop application.

Why are Substance launcher features not working for my Substance apps?

If you are using the Adobe Substance 3D builds (released after June 21, 2021), Substance Launcher features are incompatible. The team is working on improving interoperability among our apps.

How do I sign up for the Adobe Substance 3D Modeler beta?

Sign up for early access to the private beta and we will notify you if you are selected.

Is Medium by Adobe still free? Where can I access it?

Adobe Medium is still free and can be downloaded through the Oculus Store.

What type of hardware, operating systems, and GPU do I need?

More powerful hardware and graphics processors improve the experience with the Substance 3D apps. 

Does Adobe Substance 3D include Adobe Aero?

Adobe Aero is not included in the Adobe Substance 3D plans, as Aero is a free app on both mobile and desktop.

Do the Substance 3D apps work on Apple M1 chips?

Stager is not yet available on Apple 1 chips. If you are using Apple M1 hardware, you will not be able to see Stager within the Creative Cloud Desktop App.  
The Painter, Designer, and Sampler apps are compatible with M1 via emulation mode.

How can I continue to access Linux builds if I have a legacy Substance 3D subscription?

Linux builds of the Substance apps aren’t available via Individual Adobe Substance 3D subscriptions. At this point the Linux version is only available on Steam for Substance Painter & Substance Designer. For Teams & Enterprise plans on, please contact


What happened to Substance Academy?

Substance Academy is now Adobe Substance 3D Learn. Get the latest courses and tutorials for the Adobe Substance 3D apps. Learn more about Stager, Painter, Designer, and Sampler here


How do I access more information?

Please visit our forums for more information.

For questions regarding Adobe accounts or plans, please contact Adobe Customer Care.
For questions regarding accounts or legacy apps, please contact us.

If I have a license to Substance Source Assets but have not yet created an Adobe account, am I subject to the Terms of Use in connection with my use of Substance 3D Assets?

The Substance General Terms and Conditions would still apply to your use of Substance 3D Assets.  Note that all references to Substance Source in the Substance General Terms and Conditions shall mean the Substance 3D Assets.

How is Substance 3D Stager different from Adobe Dimension?

Stager is a new 3D app to compose and render 3D scenes that offers a variety of new features. 

Cannot find the answer? Contact us