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Substance Suite

Inspiring content and intelligent tools to create and apply materials for 3D.

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Substance Source

High-end library of materials, decals, and atlases for 3D

Signature Collections - Pierre Fleau

Pierre Fleau found inspiration in a railway museum for his 15 signature materials reminiscent of the Industrial Revolution.

Building facades

From the stone and concrete shells to the typical glass and metal construction, "Building facades" focuses on the architectural contours of structures.

Urban Environment

Street life! Create street, roads and urban scene with this selection.

Substance Source is the largest library of procedural materials.
Optimized for production, designed with flexibility, and made with
all artists in mind, the Substance Source materials are your one-stop shop for 3D creations of beauty.


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The Magazine broadcasts the voices of creative 3D.
From award-winning movies to burgeoning art
ists, each article is designed to bridge the gaps between all the ways we do 3D.
All in all, want
ing to connect and inspire.  


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How do I get started? 3D tools can sometimes feel difficult to approach.
We designed courses, from your very first steps to more advanced
 and industry-specific techniques, to help you broaden the scope of what you create. 

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