About Us

“The Substance story begins over twenty years ago.

In 1998 Sébastien Deguy began work on a doctoral thesis in Computer Science, and specifically in procedural texture synthesis. The thesis was published in 2001; Deguy’s algorithms would go on to form the basis of the first prototype Substance tools.

In 2003 Deguy founded Allegorithmic in the city of Clermont-Ferrand, in central France, and the company recruited its first employee (he remains with the company to this day).

The company continued to grow in size and prominence over the years that followed. Allegorithmic, launching a number of tools such as MapZone, ProFX, Redux, and Substance Air. In 2010 Allegorithmic released its first version of Substance Designer.

Since then, Substance Designer and Substance Painter have become our flagship tools, and the texturing solution of reference in a range of industries. We have opened offices in the United States, Canada, Korea, China, India, and Australia. In 2017 Adobe became a prominent stakeholder in Allegorithmic; the company passed 100 employees that same year.

In 2019 Allegorithmic became part of the Adobe family. And, in the months and years to come, we plan to redefine the boundaries of possibility within the 3D realm.”