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The Substance team develops the reference tools for creating next-generation PBR (Physically Based Rendering) material content: Substance Painter, Substance Designer, and Substance Source, our physically based material library, is ever growing and counts hundreds of materials dedicated to architecture professionals.

As real-time architecture visualization, including VR and AR, is becoming the new immersive way to present projects, more and more architects and designers are adopting our software which integrates seamlessly with Unreal Engine and Unity.

PBR materials are cross-platform by definition and further integrations include V-Ray, Corona, 3ds Max and Cinema 4D.

On its way to becoming the reference in the industry, studios including Foster + Partners, Arte Factory Lab and HNTB, have already adopted Substance in their daily workflow.

Lionel David

Matteo Bartoli

Gastón Suárez-Pastor

Harrison Clark

Myles Montgomery

Charly Vanlaere

Lelio Nuccio

Maxime Barbieux

Bertrand Benoît

Mateus Adamski

ZUH Visuals

Rajko Stijaković

Ready-to-use PBR Material Library

In Substance Source, browse and download over 1800+ fully customizable, professional-grade materials, including a selection for Architecture visualization professionals. Materials include presets for faster iteration and .sbs source files for maximum customization.

Advanced Material Authoring & Scan

Create any kind of material, from the fully procedural to the scan-based hybrid, complete with presets, using the industry standard software for material authoring. Produce tileable textures up to 8K and export to any 3D tool, game engine, or renderer.

Texture your models for Scene, Realtime experience & AR/VR

All the tools you need to texture your 3D assets in one application. Unleash your creativity with powerful tools and a non-destructive workflow. Substance Painter has smart materials, smart masks, and integrated 8K bakers and a WYSIWYG PBR real-time viewport.

Substance works with every tool of your workflow

They Use Substance

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