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Image Courtesy of Scott DeWoody/Gensler

Allegorithmic develops the reference tools for creating next-generation PBR (Physically Based Rendering) material content: Substance Painter, Substance Designer, and Substance B2M. Substance Source, our physically based material library, is ever growing and counts hundreds of materials dedicated to architecture professionals.


As real-time architecture visualization, including VR and AR, is becoming the new immersive way to present projects, more and more architects and designers are adopting our software which integrates seamlessly with Unreal Engine and Unity. PBR materials are cross-platform by definition and further integrations include V-Ray, Corona, 3ds Max and Cinema 4D.


On its way to becoming the reference in the industry, studios including Foster + Partners, Arte Factory Lab and HNTB, have already adopted Substance in their daily workflow.

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User Stories

Substance in 3ds Max: Now Ready For Production!


Get the Substance in 3ds Max plugin, now ready to integrate your professional workflow. The plugin can be used with industry standard renderers such as V-Ray, Corona, Arnold, and Octane. With the help of user feedback, the setup of materials has been streamlined and automated to give you a seamless, one-click experience.

Obvioos: Immersive Experiences for Real-time Archviz


With this user story, we talk to Christophe Robert, co-founder of Obvioos, who accepted the challenge to use real-time technologies coming from the game industry and apply them to architecture over a wide range of projects from apartments to offices.

David Sandrik's Invented Homes: Balancing Art and Technique


Architectural visualization is a very demanding world where quality, speed, and efficiency are key if you want to succeed. David Sandrik was kind enough to share his own experience, and explain why he recently decided to implement Substance in his pipeline.


“I first discovered Allegorithmic’s tools back when I was looking into a hobby for making a video game a few years ago. But as video game engines started to move more into the architecture industry, I decided to take a much closer look at how to implement them into my own personal pipeline.”

-Scott DeWoody, Firmwide Creative Media Manager for Gensler

“Before using the Allegorithmic tools, I created textures with Photoshop, spending endless hours painting and collecting good references…and testing, testing and testing. With Substance Painter and Substance Designer, I can create materials the way I imagine them and according to my needs.”

-Rafael Reis Saliba, CEO & Founder at UE4Arch

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