RenderMan Challenge Grand Prize by Jeremy Heintz, models by KitBash 3D and SpeedTree
Pierre Bosset on February 21 2019 | Stories, Contest, Game, Film/VFX
Image Courtesy of Polycount
Pierre Bosset on February 20 2019 | Community, News
Courtesy of Pasquale Scionti
Pierre Bosset on February 18 2019 | Stories, Substance Source, Unreal Engine, Architecture
Image by the Unity ICONs Team
Vincent Gault on February 14 2019 | Community, Contest, Game
Image courtesy of Psyonix
Pierre Bosset on February 13 2019 | Stories, Substance Designer, Game
All art by Ronan Mahon
Nicolas Paulhac on February 7 2019 | Technology, Substance Source, Release, Content, Scans
Image courtesy of Shopify
Pierre Bosset on February 5 2019 | Stories, Substance Painter, AR, Design
Allegorithmic on January 31 2019 | Community, Substance Painter, Contest