Art by Pauline Boiteux
Pierre Bosset on October 18 2018 | Substance Designer, Stories, Design
Courtesy of Oneiros
Vincent Gault on October 11 2018 | Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Stories, Unity, Design, Architecture
Paul Gresty on October 5 2018 | Community, News, Tutorials, Student
Art by Maarten Hof
Wes McDermott on October 4 2018 | Technology, Release, Integrations
Courtesy of NVIDIA
Pierre Bosset on October 3 2018 | Stories, Substance Painter, Substance Designer
Courtesy of Oculus
Davide Pesare on October 2 2018 | Technology, Substance Painter, Research, VR, AR
Art by Nikita Svechnikov
Pierre Bosset on September 28 2018 | Community, News, Contest, Game, Film/VFX
Art by Damien Bousseau