Allegorithmic on December 19 2018 | Community, News, Contest
Courtesy of Chris Welton
Pierre Bosset on December 18 2018 | Substance Source, Stories, Architecture
Art by Rudy Lamotte
Pierre Bosset on December 14 2018 | Community, News, Contest, Game, Film/VFX
Art by Mark Foreman
Nicolas Paulhac on December 13 2018 | Technology, Substance Source, Content, Game
Image Courtesy of Kilograph
Pierre Bosset on December 7 2018 | Substance Source, Stories, Unreal Engine, Architecture
Art by Eugene Golovanchuk
Nicolas Wirrmann on December 5 2018 | Technology, Substance Designer, Software, Release
Art by Fabio Sciedlarczyk
Davide Pesare on November 30 2018 | Technology, Substance Painter, Research
Frédéric Kohler on November 29 2018 | Technology, Substance Designer, Substance Source, Substance B2M, Scans, Photogrammetry