Texturing Uncharted 4: GDC video sessions Part 1

Wes McDermott on May 11 2016 | News, Tutorials, Game, Events

During GDC 2016,  the Allegorithmic booth hosted sessions featuring artists from some of the best studios in the industry. Today, we are featuring two of these presentations, which showcase the use of the Substance toolset by artists working at Naughty Dog.

Senior Technical Artist Christophe Desse presents the texturing of Uncharted 4’s “The Beast” turret truck:

Senior Texture Artist Bradford Smith gives an in-depth look at Naughty Dog’s Substance pipeline:

Again, we would like to thank all of the artists who presented at the booth this year. Your talent and passion are truly inspiring, and we are awestruck by your creativity and work.

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