Texturing Uncharted 4: GDC Video Sessions Part 2

Sebastien Deguy on May 12 2016 | News, Tutorials, Game, Events

The two videos we are releasing today are part of the Theater Sessions presented at the Allegorithmic booth at this March’s GDC. Today, Naughty Dog’s Rogelio Olguin and Bradford Smith give great insights into how the Naughty Dog team used Substance tools during production of Uncharted 4.

Obviously, these videos are a must-see for any 3D artist as Uncharted 4 is arguably the most beautiful game ever created. But what I find especially interesting here, and the reason why I personally insist on these, is the fact that a lot of the textures in Uncharted 4 are procedural!

As a researcher in the field of computer science (a long time ago), I could spend hours trying to convince anyone with enough stamina that noise functions were the secret sauce to any life in computer graphics, and that noise-based, procedural texturing was a wonderful way to produce textures.

Despite being on the receiving end of some strong disbelief (“procedural is ugly!”), I keep believing this, and I even recently wrote a chapter in Springer’s Encyclopedia of Computer Graphics and Games about procedural texturing. My bold statement: we have now entered a new age for procedural texturing.

Uncharted 4, if anything, is one more big, beautiful, undeniable clue supporting my claim :)

So today I feel more comfortable than ever saying: Procedural is Beautiful!

Now watch these videos and let me know if you agree.

Environment Artist Rogelio Olguin presents Naughty Dog's texturing for Uncharted 4:

Procedural texturing fundamentals explained by Senior Texture Artist Bradford Smith:

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