The PBR Guide

The PBR Guide was written by Wes McDermott, Substance by Adobe’s Head of Demo Artist Team, with assistance and cross-checking from several experts in the field. The book outlines the underlying principles of physically based rendering and shading (PBR), and provides practical guidelines for PBR texturing.

The PBR Guide is divided into two parts. Part One of the book addresses the principles underlying physically based rendering, starting from a basic analysis of how a ray of light reflects from various environmental surfaces, going on to analyse the models of such a ray of light might be simulated within 3D graphics, and working up to the definition of key factors for proper physically based rendering. This section is essential to texture artists for understanding how light interacts with objects.

Part Two offers practical guidelines for PBR texturing, which are based on the foundations established in the first part of the book: redefinition of PBR from an artistic perspective; discussion of the metal/roughness and specular/glossiness workflows, and recommendations for authoring physically accurate texture maps, as well as examining how several Substance utilities can help with authoring PBR textures.

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