What we value

Timmy, by Omar Taher

Generosity, in all its dimensions. Generosity at its core is what urges us to run the extra mile, to always treat our environment, community, ideas and people well and give more than expected. Generosity is fairness, amplified: while fairness is harmony, generosity is positive imbalance. Generosity is the 0.002% quantum fluctuation in the cosmic microwave background density that gravity amplified to cluster galaxies and create the world as we know it, in all its richness and life. Generosity is the beginning of all things.

Passion is the mother of all energy. Passion is the result of drive and of love, and Allegorithmic is all about love: love for innovation, love for our team and community, love for our tools and our field. Passion is mass, binding space and expressing itself as gravity. Passion is what makes us grow, thrive and innovate. Innovation and risk-taking are what propulse us to the next level.

Honesty. Being honest with our clients and colleagues (openness to new ideas and various point of views), and being intellectually honest: admitting we do not know, admitting we were wrong, being able to change our minds in front of evidence without letting our egos, habits or culture obstruct the path. Honesty, agility and genuineness is what will keep us from hitting that iceberg.

High Standard. The vital fluid at Allegorithmic, infused in all and flowing relentlessly, we all thrive for the highest standards and, while embracing simplicity and efficiency, refuse unprofessional, dispassionate easiness. High standards is what makes us all refuse the status quo and progress in the mastery of our kung-fu.

Freedom for individuals to be singular and authentic. Freedom for teams to organize their own schedules, techniques and processes. Freedom to think outside of all the boxes. Freedom is what will make us as unpredictable as individual particles' paths like in the Double-slit experiment, yet be the building blocks of form and matter. Freedom with self-responsibility is what will make the Allegorithmic ship sustainable and autonomous.