April 2017




Substance: Realistic Materials for Architecture and Design


Evermotion runs an extensive interview with Allegorithmic's Pierre Maheut, Product Manager for Architecture and Industrial Design, about Substance's entrance into architecture and design markets. 



3D Artist, Issue 105  


Substance Pro Guide (pp. 22-28) 


3D Artist features six full pages of Substance tips and tricks from the pros. Available for purchase at magazine retailers worldwide or online (extract coming soon!). 


Substance Designer 6 Review (pp. 84-85) 


In the same issue, 3D Artist reviews Substance Designer 6 and asks if it's worth the money. The answer is a resounding yes, with Substance Designer receiving 4.5 out of 5 stars. 


Le Monde


Allegorithmic, la pépite clermontoise qui équipe les meilleurs jeux vidéo du monde 


Le Monde profiles Allegorithmic and CEO Sébastien Deguy talks about how a French company based in Clermont-Ferrand does 95% of its business internationally (French only).  




"Le Champion du Système 3D" 


French marketing journal ADN profiles Allegorithmic and CEO Sébastien Deguy (French only). 

Digital Production 


Talking About Substance Designer 5.5 


CEO Sébastien Deguy talks about Substance Designer 5.5 and support for NVIDIA's MDL standard material definition language. 


CG Society 


Siggraph 2016 Interview 


CEO Sébastien Deguy talks to Anna Cicone about what's new for Allegorithmic in 2016. 

Graphic Speak


The Pirate Rule of Success at Allegorithmic


Graphic Speak sees another way to measure success in the more than 1.1 million users who have launched Substance Painter in the second quarter of 2016.  


"At Allegorithmic company headquarters in Clermont-Ferrand, France – home of popular 3D paint software Substance Painter – there is a heat map on display showing in real time all the active users of Painter around the world. At any given time, half of the points of light on the map come from pirated copies." 

JUNE 2016



How Uncharted 4's artists created their amazing landscapes


Venturebeat interviews Naughty Dog's artists about their process for creating Uncharted 4's environments in this feature article. 


"I am a believer that if you give great artists the freedom to be creative and and provide them with the tools they need to do their best work you will get the best results, and if a particular tool yields consistent great results, artists will gravitate to it naturally over time. That's the approach we took in-house with Substance Designer and Substance Painter." – Tate Mosesian, Lead Environment Artist, Naughty Dog

May 2016

3D World Magazine


Substance Painter 2.0 Review 


3D World Magazine gives Substance Painter 4 out of 5 stars, citing the improved viewport, non-destructive Smudge and Clone tools, the new Mask Editor, Smart Masks, and Iray/Yebis rendering capabilities in its list of pluses. 


“...[I]t’s a rock-solid release, and if you’re looking for speed, ease, and excellent output, this is worth checking out.”

3D Artist Magazine


Substance Painter 2.0 Review


3D Artist Magazine gives Substance Painter 4.5 out of 5 stars:


"Substance Painter is building its dominance as the best standalone texturing software for artists in the video games industry."

3D Artist Magazine


Activision Tutorial: “Create Game-Ready, Real-Time Textures”


In this 4-page Activision Tutorial featured in 3D Artist Magazine, Senior Character Artist Sébastien Giroux gives a complete lesson in how to create game-ready textures with Substance Painter.


“One of the mindblowing abilities of the software is that it allows you to texture in different channels at the same time and then you can reuse this material’s recipe quickly on other 3D models, in seconds. ...Texturing has never been quicker and and it’s easy to use all of this while maintaining the PBR accuracy.”

Animation Magazine


Substance Painter 2.0 Review 


Todd Perry reviews Substance Painter 2.0 


“Allegorithmic has focused on listening to the wants and needs of its user base, which vocalizes these ideas through Allegorithmic's forums as well as social media.”

April 2016

IKEA lance sa "Kitchen VR Experience"


(French Only)
In collaboration with Allegorithmic, IKEA launched a VR experience on the HTC Vive headset. This pilot experience allowed to explore possiblities in VR to enhance the customer experience, by bringing the user in a virtual Ikea kitchen in real world size.

A great wrong has been righted: you can now cook meatballs in Ikea’s VR Kitchen

Great news from the Verge: meatballs are now available in IKEA’s VR Experience kitchen, created in collaboration with Allegorithmic and released this April on Steam.

The Rise of Substance


3D Artist dedicates a feature to Substance and the artists who use it. “We found that traditional software was limiting us in our ability to go full PBR,” said Ubisoft Technical Artist Lucas Granito. “Substance allowed us to create the most advanced PBR project to date in Ubisoft’s history.” This five-page article details the rise of Substance from its origins as an experimental toolset to the industry standard in texturing.

Start-up & Co: Allegorithmic, le leader mondial du texturing 3D


(French Only)

Allegorithmic CEO Sébastien Deguy talks about texturing in this 5-minute live spot on Start-up & Co, a news show dedicated to innovative startups on France’s BFM BUSINESS.

Allegorithmic, la PME qui détrône Adobe dans la création de textures


(French only)

L’Usine Digitale dedicates a feature to Allegorithmic discussing competition in the niche market of 3D texturing and the future applications of texturing, including virtual reality and architecture.

March 2016

Benefits of procedural materials


80.lv interviewed Bradford Smith, a talented material designer and 3D artist who worked on the Uncharted series. 
He tells about his approach to material production, the advantages of using procedural materials , and gives advice on how to create realistic textures by focusiong on details.

Substance Painter 2 review


Paul Hatton made a review on Substance Painter 2 to find out how easy it was to pick it up for a beginner.

Allegorithmic règne sur les images d'animation


French radio RTL interviewed François Cottin, Allegorithmic's Secretary General, about how the French company became one of the game and film industry standards in 3D texturing.


Sébastien Deguy, Allegorithmic’s CEO, wrote a chapter about “The New Age of Procedural Texturing” in Springer’s “Encyclopedia of Computer Graphics and Games”.

December 2015

In the December issue of 3D World, journalist Julia Sagar discussed with pros, including François Cottin, our Chief Marketing Officer, about the state of the VR industry at the moment. They talked about the ways to push past current technological constraints, and how VR is pushing the limits of what is possible.

November 2015

Material Men (1st Part)
Material Men (2nd Part)

CGSociety wrote a two-part article about Allegorithmic, covering everything from the company's creation a creation to technology and tools in the first part. The second part focused on current projects and VR, the integration of NVIDIA DesignWorks tools, and the company's future. 

Substance and the New Potential of Arch Viz


Metal Architecture featured an article bylined by François Cottin, our CMO, about what the new Substance Designer brings to the Arch-Viz industry.

October 2015

CEO of Allegorithmic Talks About Substance Designer 5.3


Last October 80 level met with our CEO Sébastien Deguy in an interview about Substance Designer 5.3’s new features and materials, Substance Share, what to expect from us in the future and the driving force behind these great tools.

September 2015

Sébastien Deguy: Allegorithmic Changing the Art of Games


Online tutorial site Lynda.com conducted an interview with CEO Sébastien Deguy called “Allegorithmic Changing the Art of Games”. Topics of discussion included the creation of Allegorithmic, the Substance product line, the company's business model, and its relationship with its user community. 

August/September 2015 Tech Reviews


In Animation Magazine’s “August-September 2015 Tech Reviews,” Todd Perry reviewed  Substance Designer 5 and two other tools, and talked about the Pixel Processor, the Mask Builder and the TriPlanar node.


Substance was quoted six times last year in “3D World”. A four-page tutorial created by Wes McDermott, Allegorithmic's Senior Community Manager, was featured in issue 197's article "Learn how to master PBR textures". It features Substance Designer and outlines many ideas from the PBR guide. The tutorial walks artists through the multiple steps required for physically-based rendering. The steps discussed include base color maps, roughness maps, metallic maps, and ambient lighting.

Allegorithmic: The new generation of 3D texturing software


Jean-Eric Henault from CGSociety video interviewed Sébastien at SIGGRAPH 2015, where they discussed Allegorithmic and the tools the company has created for the community of 3D artists: Substance Painter, Substance Designer, and Substance Bitmap2Material.

JULY 2015

CEO Corner: Alleorithmic's Sébastien Deguy


The Gaming Business Review conducted in an interview with Allegorithmic's CEO, Sébastien Deguy. The discussion covered Substance Share, Allegorithmic's community exchange platform for users who want to freely share materials and images; the arrival of a rent-to-own system for indie developers; and the company's future.

JUNE 2015

Animation Magazine cited Allegorithmic in its article “Top 250: 2015 Essential Software Developers.” The company was named as one of 25 leading software developers in animation.

MARCH 2015

Three top tools every 3D Artist should know about


Substance Painter was cited as n°1 in Creative Bloq’s “3 tools every 3D artist should know about", as it is an empowering tool that brings fun back into texturing; and we have a close relationship with our community.

Substance Painter review


RGBHQ released a very complete review of Substance Painter and compared it with other tools. Substance Painter is RGBHQ approved!


Animation Magazine’s Todd Perry selected Substance Painter in the February 2015 issue's “The Best Tech of 2014” as one of the 10 best products of the year.

Substance Painter review


Creative Blog reviewed the first version of Substance Painter, giving it a 9 out of 10, highlighting the practicality of the non-destructive workflow and the ultra-realistic and natural look of the particle brushes.