A Roadtrip in 2116 Contest

June-July 2016

A Roadtrip in 2116 was a vehicle design contest running from June 7–July 17, 2016. Winners were announced during Substance Days at Gnomon in Hollywood on July 22nd. Prizes included a HTC Vive, DJI Phantom 3 Quadcopter Drones and much more! We received over 200 submissions showing your visions for vehicles of the future, ranging from futuristic cars to biomechanical animals to entire cities on wheels. 


A jury composed of a panel of industry experts judged the final submissions:

  •     Scott Robertson, Concept Artist, Designer, Educator
  •     Charlotte Francis, Technical Artist at Naughty Dog
  •     Victor Kam, Vehicle Artist at Blackbird Interactive
  •     Ruair√≠ Robinson, Film Director (The Leviathan)
  •     Sebastien Deguy, CEO & Founder of Allegorithmic

1st: Rally Explorer by Jianzhi Chen

2nd: BEAST by Rico Kersten

3rd: Whale Class Transport by Jonas Ronnegard

This was our first "no-limit" contest, and we were impressed by the creativity on display here. Check out the WIP thread on the  Allegorithmic forum to see all submissions, and see the 10 winners and runners-up in the contest results on the blog

The Beast Contest

April, 2016

The Character Art Contest - The Beast was launched in January 2016 and hosted by our friends on Polycount. After nearly 3 months of ferocious competition, more than 100 entries were finally submitted.


A jury made out of experts from the industry got the difficult but fun task of judging the entries:

  •     Colin Thomas, Senior Character Artist at Naughty Dog
  •     Rich Diamant, Principal Artist at Riot Games
  •     Samuel Compain, freelance Character Artist
  •     JB Ferder, Lead Character Artist at Arkane
  •     Gilberto Magno, freelance Character Artist

A big round of applause to all of the over 400 participants. Between scary, moving, and even some funny beasts, you made this contest a roaring success. Now check out the grand prize winners below and as a treat, check out the Beast runner-ups.

1st: The Beast of Love by BIKI

2nd: Atlantian Beauty – Ravenslayer

3rd: Forest Musician by Borodach

Procedural Material Contest

November, 2015

The first Procedural Material Contest, sponsored by NVIDIA, ran from October 13th to November 12th, 2015 and the results were announced on November 19th and 20th. The contest was hosted on Substance Share and all entries are publicly available, for everyone to use and learn from.


The following jury of top talent from all over the 3D industry chose the best procedural materials:

  • Christophe Desse, Technical Artist at Naughty Dog
  • David Doepp, Asset Supervisor at Dreamworks
  • Lucas Granito, Technical Artist at Ubisoft Montreal
  • Nicolas Wirrmann, Product Manager on Substance Designer at Allegorithmic

  • Roland Longpre, Principal Artist at Relic Entertainment
  • Matthew Gueller, Sr Surface Designer at Harley-Davidson
  • Gilles Fleury, Tech Art Director at Allegorithmic
  • Andrew Page, Materials Product Manager at NVIDIA

Find the top 3 contest winners here below. On our dedicated blogposts you can check the Global Procedural Material Contest Winners and the per-category Procedural Material Contest Winners

The Throne Room Contest

April, 2015

The Throne Room Contest was held between January and April 2015, and it was hosted on Polycount and sponsored by Nvidia. With more than 400 contestants, it was one of the largest environment contests ever organized on Polycount.


The following jury made of the industry’s best character artists judged the entries:

  • Raouf Bejaoui, Senior Technical Artist at Splash Damage
  • Guillaume Cerdan, Technical Artist at Ubisoft
  • Rogelio Olguin, Texture/shading Environment Artist at Naughty Dog
  • Cyril Jover, Senior Technical Artist at Unity Technologies
  • Laurens Corijn, Technical Art Director at EA Dice
  • Wes McDermott, Substance Ninja at Allegorithmic

You can find the top 3 contest winners below. Congratulations to all who participated!

1st: The Winged Throne by ACeye and Desmera


2nd: The Temple of Utu by MartinH & Minos


3rd: Seat of the emperor of the Andromeda galaxy By Noscope


The Battle of the Titans Contest

July, 2014

The Battle of the Titans Contest was the very first contest held by Allegorithmic. We were blown away by the number of contestants and the quality of the entries. This incited us to do more in the future!


The following jury made of some of the most experienced artists from the movie and game industry had the hard task of choosing the winners:

  • Laurens Corijn, Lead Technical Artist at EA Dice
  • Gee Yeung, Creative Director at Dreamworks
  • Rich Diamant, Principal Artist at Riot Games
  • Brad Smith, Senior Texture Artist at Naughty Dog
  • Jarred Everson, Character Artist at Blizzard Entertainment
  • Vincent Delassus, Art Director at Ubisoft
  • Wes McDermott, Substance Ninja at Allegorithmic

You can find the first 3 winners below. The prizes included a trip for two to Los Angeles or Paris, full lifetime Maya, Modo and Substance licences, and Playstation 4 and Xbox One consoles. Congratulations to the winners and to all who participated!

1st: Unchained Titan by Nicolas Garilhe


2nd: Ugarok by Gregory Strangis


3rd: Oceanus by Eddie Munoz