Substance in

Download the Windows, MacOS and Linux (RHEL & CentOS) plugin for Substance in Modo:

The Substance plugin enables the use of Substance materials directly in Modo. Whether you are working in games, design, architectural visualization or VFX, Substance delivers a unique experience with optimized features for enhanced productivity.

Work faster, be more productive: Substance parameters allow for real-time material changes and texture updates. In Substance in Modo, you can:

  • Import Substance materials from Substance Source or Substance Designer
  • Use Modo Unreal, Unity and glTF Custom Materials as well as the physically-based principled Shading Model
  • Interactively adjust Substance parameters using the default and advanced viewports
  • Create and save Substance presets
  • To install, simply drag and drop the LPK into Modo

Tweak Substance materials directly in Modo

Substance Kit menu

For more information, please check our Substance in Modo documentation.