Substance in VRED

Substance is natively integrated in VRED

Autodesk VRED is a 3D Visualization software that helps designers and engineers create product presentations, design reviews and validations, and virtual prototypes using CPU and GPU raytracing.

An important component of VRED is the ability to provide accurate materials and textures to improve the realism of rendered images. The Substance Engine is integrated with VRED to provide support for all Substance materials.
Easily import any Substance material and edit the embedded presets and parameters within VRED Material Editor to display infinite variations in real-time, until you have found the perfect setting. VRED supports the Substance Engine in CPU and GPU modes, with resolutions up to 8K in GPU mode.

Control your Substance materials within the Variant Sets of VRED to trigger the presets embedded within a Substance material.

Directly connect to your Substance account and automatically import materials from Substance Source library to VRED Material Editor.

In addition to materials, VRED supports Substance parametric environments files (Substance Panorama).