Substance in Education

Art by Jody Sargent

With more than 85% of the AAA game industry having integrated Substance into their pipelines and a fast adoption in VFX and animation, now is the time to start learning the industry-standard texturing techniques!

We offer solutions whether you are a Student, Teacher, or a University.

Students & Teachers

You are entitled to a free personal license, valid one year (renewable), for use at home or on a personal machine.

Universities / Schools

If you wish to obtain licenses for your school, you can see our discounted academic pricing and contact us through that link.

Over 450 institutions now teach with Substance

How They Use It

Hybrids: A Top-Grade Student Short Film Made with Substance


In this interview, we talk with a team of students from Motion Picture in Arles (MOPA), a computer graphics school focusing on 3D animation. The team worked on an impressive graduation movie, HYBRIDS, which is yet to be released. They talk about their texturing workflow on the project with Substance Painter.

New Sheriff in Town: Guillaume Hecht Breaks Down His Award-Winning Meet MAT Entry


We asked MeetMAT Contest Student winner Guillaume Hecht if he could drop by Allegorithmic's Paris office for a video interview and a deep dive into his workflow on Substance Sheriff. To our delight, he said yes, and the rest is history. Let's go, Cowboy!.