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Allegorithmic develops the new generation of 3D texturing software: Substance Painter, Substance Designer and Substance B2M (Bitmap2Material). Tomorrow’s award-winning blockbusters and indie films are already under construction with Substance for VFX and animation.

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Blade Runner 2049’s Oscar-winning Texturing Workflow at Framestore


When catching up with Framestore Montreal about a year after their initial adoption of Substance, it was humbling for us to learn that they had used our tools on Blade Runner 2049, a film and franchise that has a special place in the hearts of many at Allegorithmic. Our interview focuses on the benefits of Substance in the lookdev phase, for two of the film’s breathtaking environments: Las Vegas (or what’s left of it), and the solar farms we see early in the movie.

Logan: Texturing Workflows for VFX with Rising Sun Pictures


X-Men fans, mutants, and VFX aficionados: we are stoked to share our interview with Rising Sun Pictures, a leading Australian VFX company. Andrew Palmer tells us about the studio’s experience with Substance Painter on some of their latest feature film projects, with a focus on the recently released Logan.

The Man in the High Castle: A TV Series with Substance


Substance brings a dystopian America to the acclaimed Amazon TV series "The Man in the High Castle". Learn how in this interview of visual effects studios Barnstorm VFX and Theory Studios.

The Mill: Creating Kia's Super Bowl Ad with Substance


Visual effects studio The Mill creates visual narratives for some of the biggest names in industry and media, including carmaker Kia, whose Super Bowl LI ad “Hero’s Journey” featuring actress Melissa McCarthy was crowned most popular by USA Today’s Super Bowl Ad Meter. We had the privilege of interviewing The Mill’s Sharlene Lin, who used Substance in the asset creation for the spot.


"Substance Designer changed my approach to creating materials for high-end VFX shots."

-Marc Austin, Lead TD Generalist at Double Negative

“We’re thrilled to see this collaboration between Allegorithmic and SideFX spring to life. Artists can now stretch the capabilities of Houdini and Substance, with interactive workflows that cover the entire process – modeling, texturing, and rendering.”

–Rob Stauffer, Senior Production Consultant at SideFX

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