Frequently Asked Questions


Error message: “No Valid license available”

This error message appears when you are trying to activate a license key file not compatible with the installed software build. You will need to log into our website and go in the “Licenses” section of your Substance account. You can then download the latest software build and the corresponding license key file.
After installation, try to activate again using this license key file and the activation should work properly.

Where can I download my software / licenses?

To download the software builds and license key files for your licenses, you will need to log into our website. Once logged in, click on the “Licenses” section of your Substance account to find all your license keys and software builds.


I still have 0 Substance Source downloads after purchasing Substance Indie/Pro.

It can take up to 15 minutes after a purchase for the Substance Source downloads to be available on your Substance account. Please check again after 15 minutes.

My monthly payment failed. What should I do?

The processing of your monthly payment can sometimes fail and the causes can be varied.
The first thing to check is that the payment method linked with your subscription has not expired. To do so, you will need to log into our website, go in the “Subscriptions” section and click on “Change Card” to update your credit card information. If you subscribed via PayPal, you will need to log into your PayPal account and update the credit card linked with your payment.
The second thing to check is the balance or available credit on the debit/credit card linked with your subscription. If not enough funds are available on the card, the payment will fail.
The last thing to check is if your bank is not blocking the payment. Payments are processed from France and can sometimes be flagged by banks as potential fraud. In this case, you would need to contact your banking institution to authorize the payment and future monthly payments.
Our payment providers will try to process the payment again several times over a 10-day period. If the payment fails again after 5 days, please contact us

How do I stop my subscription?

You can stop your monthly payment at any time in the “Subscriptions” section of your Substance account by clicking on “Stop monthly payment”.

Why does my Substance subscription license lasts 42 days?

The Substance Indie and Substance Pro monthly subscriptions renew each month at the same date. But the license keys themselves last 42 days before expiring to provide a buffer in case you encounter technical issues with your monthly payment. This way if a payment fails, you can still use the software for a few days while you/we work on fixing the monthly payment issue.

Orders, Payment and Billing

I would like to receive more information about Pro / Enterprise licenses.

Please contact us regarding Pro or Enterprise licenses, we provide tailored solutions.

I would like to receive more information about Academic licenses.

Please contact us if you would like to receive a formal quote.

I would like to request a refund.

Please contact us regarding your refund request. Please specify in your message the Substance account on which you made the purchase, the invoice ID of the purchase and the reason why you would like to receive a refund. Our support team will process the request and get back to you within 2 business days.


Do you have any tutorials?

You can find all our video and written tutorials on our Substance Academy website.
You can also ask our community for advice on our forum or Discord server using the links below.

Technical Support

“Your current TDR is too low”

You can find all the information regarding how to edit the TDR on this page of the documentation.
Please check our forum or our Discord server if you have any additional questions.

My software is crashing, what should I do?

We are sorry you are experiencing crashes when using the software. The first thing you should check is that your machine complies with the technical requirements of the software. You can find the details of the technical requirements directly on this page.
The second most probable cause of crashes is outdated drivers. Please double check that you have the latest available driver installed for your GPU.
The last thing to check is if this problem has already been experienced and solved. You can check in our documentation a list of the most common technical issues with Substance Painter and search our forum to find a topic about a similar problem.
If you still haven’t found the solution to the issue, please post on our forum. Including your log file and screenshots would help our team identify the issue.