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Achieve true photorealism with Substance Materials

Advance material authoring and scan processing using Substance Alchemist and Substance Designer. Create any kind of material, from fully procedural to scan-based hybrids, complete with presets, using the industry standard software for material authoring. Produce tileable textures up to 8K, and export to any 3D tool or renderer.

Ready-to-use 3D material library

Ready-to-use 3D material library. In Substance Source, browse and download high-end customizable materials, including collections from the best 3D artists in the industry.

Materials include presets for faster iteration and .sbs source files for endless variation.

Build your online catalog with powerful 3D Tools

Substance Painter has smart materials, smart masks, and a state-of-the-art real-time viewport. Add all the details to bring realism to your final image.

They create with Substance

We’ve been waiting for a solution like Project Substance Alchemist for a long time. […] With tools like Project Substance Alchemist and Material Exchange, suppliers will have the resources they need to begin their digital revolution.

Chris Hillyer
Director of Innovation | Deckers Brands

Substance has helped optimize Shopify's modeling workflow, saving us countless hours so that we can spend more time focusing on the problems that really matter to our merchants.

Byron Delgado
3D artist | Shopify

There is no other texturing tool out there now that comes close to Substance Designer and Substance Painter in terms of ease of use or range of capabilities, and our recent results can confirm this.Art Director

Thomas Makryniotis
Art Director | INDG

We primarily use Substance Painter and Substance Designer for most of our texturing and material work, and the Substance Source library is quite handy, too, during crunch deadlines!

Murala Ramnathan
Head of Asset Creation | House of Blue Beans