in Fashion, Apparel and Luxury

Ready-to-use 3D Material Library

The Substance Source material library provides downloadable high-end, fully customizable materials dedicated to Apparel, Fashion and Luxury, including leathers, knits, wovens, denims or sportswear fabrics, seams, zippers and pockets.

Generate infinite texture variations. Materials include presets for faster iteration, and .sbs source files.


Parametric effects with full control

Browse a large collection of decals and easily apply parametric effects such as embroidery, embossing or glitter to your artwork, to create print executions with an unprecedented level of control and realism.

Advanced Material Authoring & Scan Processing

Create any kind of material, from the fully procedural to the scan-based hybrid, complete with presets, using Substance Designer, the industry standard software for material authoring. Produce tileable textures up to 8K, and export to any 3D tool, game engine, or renderer.


Create Material Collections

Create your own library and collections of materials in Substance Alchemist: you can mix and tweak existing materials, or make new ones from photographs and high-res scans.

Craft a specific catalog of materials from real-world references, or simply experiment until you find results you love.


Texture your models for scenes, real-time experiences & AR/VR

Find everything you need to texture your 3D assets in one application with powerful tools and a non-destructive workflow. Substance Painter provides smart materials, smart masks, integrated 8K bakers, and a WYSIWYG PBR real-time viewport.

Export to any game engine, platform or renderer with just a click.

They Create with Substance

I wasn't a big fan of texturing before, but since Substance that has changed. You can make variations very quickly, it's all interactive, it's easy to manage projects.

Peter Kolus
3D Artist | Freelance

We’ve been waiting for a solution like Project Substance Alchemist for a long time. […] With tools like Project Substance Alchemist and Material Exchange, suppliers will have the resources they need to begin their digital revolution.

Chris Hillyer
Director of Innovation | Deckers Brands

Substance allows us to be more creative and experimental, while cutting down on our production times – but most of all, achieve amazing results.

Bastiaan Geluk
Head of Digital Fashion at INDG

Substance lowers the barrier to entry for less experienced users and allows anyone to create material applications with amazing levels of realism. It should be part of everyone’s digital materials workflow.

Safir Bellali
Senior Director, Advanced Digital Creation, VFCORP