• Numerous crash fixes
  • 32 bit float support
  • 4k textures in the CPU engine and 8k textures in the GPU engine
  • new LPK format for the plugin release
  • new Kit menu for the Substance plugin
  • glTF / Principled shader support for MODO 12.0
  • Added relative pathing for Substance files
  • Linux support
  • New UI for loading and saving presets
  • Embedded presets are loaded from Designer
  • Removed GPU memory warning box
  • Edited preset loading/saving commands

    The new commands available are:

    substance.getsbsname Convert a substance object's identifier to its internal name

    All of these expect a proper internal name acquired from substance.getsbsname:

    substance.setpreset Sets a Substance's current preset to the index substance.getpresetindex Gets the current preset index substance.getpresetat Returns the string name of a preset at a given index substance.getpresetcount Returns the number of presets a Substance has substance.savepresetfile Saves a preset of the current configuration to the given file path substance.loadpresetfile Loads a preset file to the Substance given a file path

    UI Commands:

    substance.loadpresetui UI command for loading a preset substance.savepresetui UI command for saving a preset substance.selectpresetui UI command for setting the preset


    • Plugin updated to Modo 12 Release


    • Plugin updated to Modo 11 Release
    • Modo 10 Plugins now compatible with all Modo 10 versions
    • Some improved error messages
    • Stability improvements when manipulating Substances
    • Fixed bug where D3D10 engine would only support 2048 textures
    • ComboBox inputs now handled properly


    • Added ability to automatically export outputs to temporary files for use by 3rd party renderers


    • Substance Designer 6.0.1 Support Added
    • Added automatic export option to substance output channels
    • Use "username" option (in MODO's channel.create command) for support of Substance's input parameter labels.
    • fix: Make sure there is at least one active Modo item in the scene before applying a substance.
    • fix: Fixed situation when a sbsar file is not part of the .lxo file! Also implemented "best" solution when the corresponding sbsar file has moved (force user to select another sbsar file)


    • Updated Substance's online help link
    • Updated logo image files
    • Improved handling of shading mode (Unity,Unreal)
    • Fixed handling of Substance Designer's widget & variable types
    • Insert appropriate effect for output_height
    • Adding multi graph support
    • [lx53585] support for modo 10.2v1
    • fix: usr: [lx52673] prevent crash when using undo system on substances
    • fix: usr: [lx52673] Disable changing shading mode when a substance has been loaded to prevent confusion
    • fix: usr: [lx52699] connect substance Glossiness to unity shader's Smoothness
    • fix: usr: prevent new shader to be added when duplicating substance item in PBR mode.
    • fix: usr: [lx95117] prevent crash when duplicating/instancing a substance item.
    • fix: usr: [lx51748] prevent crash when loading/upgrading modo scene with empty substance.
    • new: usr: automatically add unreal/unity shader to material group when loading substance with unreal/unity shader mode.
    • fix: usr: limit traditional shading model to modo 901.
    • new: usr: automatically map substance outputs to UE shader effects


    • fix deactivating vram check. adding generic wording for 4K crash warning
    • chg Warn user about 4K substance rendering. Check on substance engine init with user confirmation.
    • fix when upgrading a 701 substance prompt for path when sbsar not found
    • fix change package name so it does not remove 901/801 version if installed
    • fix prevent colorspace mingling between 801 and 901
    • fix Look for GPU engine within Kit folder. Activate failsafe and user message when engine loading fails.
    • fix give control of image still properties to user.
    • fix make render animation to file WORK! Use channel time input to render substance parameters animation.
    • chg Use separate installation directory for 801 and 901 versions of the plugin.
    • fix bad color management for normale. Now forcing sRGB on diff/base/spec only
    • chg update to substance v5 engine.

      SUBSTANCE IN MODO 2.0.0-rc2

    • new enable user to load sbspsr files.
    • fix [lx44850] prevent crash on duplication/instance/copy of substance with active outputs.
    • fix proper output colors both on GPU and CPU engines
    • chg Add substance and outputs below base shader when no assigned material.
    • fix Display error message when user loads a sbsar not compatible with the linker
    • fix Prevent crash when browsing commands' details
    • fix Channel swizzling with d3d9 engine.
    • fix Remove substance material from "add layer" list
    • chg Prevent reloading substance with different graph name
    • fix Prevent crash when comma in tweak identifier.
    • fix map texture to sRGB when baking to disk.
    • fix image input is actually cleared when resetting substance.

      SUBSTANCE IN MODO 2.0.0-rc1

    • fix allow user to change uvmap in texture item generated from substance output
    • chg use first UV map in recent selection as default uv map for substance outputs
    • fix actually shows randomseed control in the UI
    • new Group input tweaks by GUI group.

      SUBSTANCE IN MODO 2.0.0-b12

    • new substance.bake export to disk all activated outputs.
    • new substance.load command allows updating a substance sbsar while maintaining the current tweak values. New tweaks will have default substance values.
    • new substance.reset command restore a substance's default values.
    • chg Exposing random seed in the substance properties
    • fix Invert opacity image so it fits the dissolve effect.
    • fix Fix bad channel effects.
    • fix prevent crash when reloading a scene with substance item previously loaded.
    • fix no channel swizzling when using d3d engine
    • fix Allow multiple input images

      SUBSTANCE IN MODO 2.0.0-b11

    • chg add about dialog. fix UI names.
    • usr: new: add GPU support. [ogl2 and d3d9 engines]
    • chg Rename substance.tweak to substance.texturesize
    • chg substance.upgrade commande now sync tweaks values and activate outputs.
    • fix select sRGB colors space as default for SubstanceOutput clip Item.
    • new checkbox for output [de]activation
    • fix switch (boolean) tweaks work on MacOS

      SUBSTANCE IN MODO 2.0.0-b10

    • new first step to a substance 701 upgrader.
    • fix prevent substance item deletion to delete referenced inputs clips
    • fix default exposed color now matches between modo and SD
    • fix Integer1 tweaks with min/max value works without crashing
    • chg Add widget support for RGBA instead of RGB
    • new Support toggle button substance input
    • fix prevent crash when using user defined output labels
    • fix Prevent crash when output size is not exposed in sbsar.
    • new Support for image inputs
    • chg Add substance menu for creation from 1.1 plugin.

      SUBSTANCE IN MODO 2.0.0b-#9

    • chg Add Ctrl+Alt+s as a shortcut for substance create.
    • chg prevent error message on dup substance in reg
    • fix closing a scene and reloading/importing the scene allows parameters update.
    • new deleting a substance deletes the outputs

      SUBSTANCE IN MODO 2.0.0b-#8

    • chg select only substance item when subtance.creat-ing
    • fix load substance now reloads properties form.
    • fix prevent crash on scene load/import
    • fix Prevent crash when closing scene containing substance
    • chg Prompt file chooser when sbsar not found on scene load.

      SUBSTANCE IN MODO 2.0.0b-#7

    • chg UI displays all available outputs
    • fix now load tweaks from saved scene
    • chg UI fixes - Button names, outputsize in sync.
    • fix Prevent crash when loading a scene whose sbsar file is missing. Message user when [re]load fails.
    • fix Parent substance to render object when using substance.create with no selection.
    • fix Prevent using load on a previously loaded substance. Reload should be supported one day.

      SUBSTANCE IN MODO 2.0.0b-#6

    • new UI displays and syncs tweaks.
    • fix substance.create append substance item to a material group if in selection.
    • fix substance.load does not change polygon tag anymore.

      SUBSTANCE IN MODO 2.0.0a-#5

    • chg substance properties UI execute commands on the first selected substance item.
    • chg substance.tweak pops up a drop down list for texture size choice.
    • fix substance.load creates material polygon tag for substance's parent material group.

      SUBSTANCE IN MODO 2.0.0a-#4

    • chg substance comes as a material from now.
    • chg substance.load do not offer a path field but directly prompt a path chooser dialog
    • fix Do not auto run substance creation commands while starting plugin.
    • new user can save and load scene with substance.
    • chg substance.load prompts a pathchooser dialog when path not set.

      SUBSTANCE IN MODO 2.0.0a-#3

    • chg subtance.activate automatically set shader effect from channel description.
    • new Command substance.tweak changes texture output size.

      SUBSTANCE IN MODO 2.0.0a-#2

    • new substance properties allows sbsar file loading and Normal/Diffuse output activation
    • new command substance.activate adds output texture to shader tree
    • new substance.load command
    • chg Substance Custom material is back as SubstanceMaterial.