Meet MAT

The Art Book of the 3D Painting Contest

In April 2017 the Substance team launched the Meet MAT contest, challenging artists around the world to use our Substance Painter software to decorate our art toy mascot, MAT.

The competition was a phenomenal success, attracting well over a thousand entries. The Substance team was astonished not only by the quantity of entries, but also by the level of quality displayed by so many artists. We knew we had to do something really special to celebrate the results of this contest.

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Meet MAT: The Art Book of the 3D Painting Contest is that celebration. We’ve collected the top-tier artwork we love that made Meet MAT so remarkable — nearly 200 entries in all — and presented them in a hardcover, high-quality art book.

This is an essential source of inspiration for artists today, and a reference for art lovers in general regarding the possibilities available in 3D painting and texturing.

Read More About Meet MAT

Gabriel D’Orazio, Meet MAT Pro category winner, talks about the impact of winning the contest, and his own ongoing development as an artist, as well as giving key pointers to aspiring 3D artists.

The student winner of the Meet MAT competition, Guillaume Hecht, discusses his experiences around the Meet MAT contest, and outlines how his experience since the contest has changed his approach to 3D art.