Easy material tweaking and visualization.

Download Substance Player

Easy Substance tweaking

Drag and drop Substance material (.sbsar files or .sbs files) into Substance Player, tweak with easy-to-use parameter widgets, and see instant 2D and 3D variations simultaneously.

One material, infinite possibilities

Find the right settings for your material

Mahogany Ceruse

Mahogany natural

Mahogany old

Mahogany Sawn

Mahogany Varnish

Evaluate Substance performance under real-time conditions

Whether you’re changing a single parameter or randomizing an entire graph, real-time feedback lets you see how your Substances behave under real conditions.

Export Maps

Export all Substance maps as bitmaps in different formats (BMP, JPG, PNG, ...) from a resolution of 1px by 1px up to 4K (4096x4096). Use the automatic naming convention to automatically generate the right file name.

The best tool for previewing Substance

Substance Player is the native viewer for Substance visualization and available free of charge for use with all Substance tools, including Substance Source content.

Download Substance Player