Thousands of customizable materials created by specialists and world-class guest artists.

Modifiable parameters permit infinite variation.

Materials that are compatible with all major digital content creation apps and game engines.

An exponential collection

Substance Source is growing over time with regular additions of new materials, as well as new options being added to existing assets.

Each material is unique — with a unique set of parameters.

One material, countless possibilities

Each material possesses parameters allowing personalisation to match your precise needs.

You don’t merely select, say, a calfskin leather featuring a topstitched pattern – you control the color of the leather, the style of the stitching, the density of the pattern, the degree of wear and aging of the material, and a range of characteristics besides.

A source of inspiration

Find the best creations from the best material authors, thematic collections, and inspirational content – all designed to help you push your creations even further

A platform for learning

Each material’s node graph is provided.
Explore the processes and techniques of our in-house artists and guest experts; learn from the best of the best.