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Substance in Cinema 4D

The Substance plugin enables the use of Substance materials directly in Cinema 4D. Whether you are working in films, motion design, or architecture, Substance delivers a unique experience with optimized features for enhanced productivity. Substance is integrated natively in Cinema 4D since R18.


You can find the Substance Engine under the Pipeline Menu.

Tweak materials

Be creative within your favorite software: Substance parameters allow for real-time material changes and texture updates. Generate maps up to 8k.

Enhance your shading skills: The integration allows you to build Node-Based Shaders using the Substance Shader within the most popular renderers: Vray, Corona, Arnold, Redshift and Octane.

Work faster, be more productive: Arnold and Redshift renderers allow you to create automatically Arnold/Redshift Materials from Selected Substance Assets.

Animate Materials

Animate, and create evolutive materials: You can create and manage embedded presets as well as keyframe Substance parameters using the Attribute editor.

Substance Source Friendly

Use the Substance Source library: over 1500 high-quality tweakable and export-ready 8K materials with presets.

Substance Source is a vast library containing high-quality PBR-ready Substance material. Check out what Andreas Barden made using Substance Source in Cinema 4D.

More Information And Settings

You can find more informations and settings in the Preferences menu, under the Substance Engine tab.