3D is getting real

Artwork by Nikie Monteleone

Inspiring, intelligent tools and content to create and apply materials for 3D.

Paint in 3D in Substance Painter.
Create material libraries for 3D in Substance Alchemist.
Design materials with precision in Substance Designer.
Download high-end materials from Substance Source.

Artwork by Damien Guimoneau
Artwork by Cem Tezcan
Artwork by Vladimir Petkovic
Art by Ronan Mahon

Substance by Adobe is a monthly service that provides you with tools and content including access to the latest versions of Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Substance Alchemist and access to downloadable content through Substance Source.

You get access to a Substance license that allows you to start using all the latest versions of the software as soon as they are released: Substance Painter, Substance Designer, and Substance Alchemist. You also get access to the Substance Source content library, with the ability to download content each month.

Welcome! The easiest way to manage your software builds and licenses is to download the Substance launcher. If you prefer to download and install the software manually, you can find the software builds and license key files in the “Licenses” section of your Substance account on our website. 

Yes, you keep the assets you already downloaded.
Canceling your subscription will cancel the automatic renewal but you will still have access to your licenses until the end of the subscription period you paid for. Your Substance Source downloads and materials stay on your account even after your subscription expired. 

As a student, you are eligible for a free non-commercial license of Substance. You will need to fill out the student form and attach a proof of enrollment to your school/university/college displaying your name, the name of your school/university/college and the date during which you will be a student.

Perpetual licenses for both Substance Painter and Substance Designer are available on Steam.